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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - American National
2011-01-15 - 10:00 AM
TNGThe Epitaph Read Only One Word... Pals
Here is the short version of what went down at Nationals: West 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Please refer to my previously posted CC article for full details.

Round 1Nathan WFW (0)View opponent's Report
The Alabama Slamma took a thumb to the eye from yours truly on his first turn, and never seemed to regain his composure. Despite our nearly timed game, his Cadets were simply no match for mine, especially following my one-attempt solve at Investigate Massacre. FW 100-70.

Round 2Terok NorBrian GondekMW (0)
Bad News' early triple attempt in space via two copies of Ruling Council made for a very close matchup, especially considering his black and white print outs were reeking havoc on my memory. Forgetting to play and bring Rachel Garret to Investigate Massacre cost me the full win. MW 75-70.

Round 3CardassianEdward PigmanFW (0)
Earthquake's Cardassian's couldn't draw a ship for what seemed like an eternity, but a few well-timed captures kept him from getting blown out. Several mental mistakes when he finally did get moving led me to believe I was going to give this one away. FW 100-65.

Round 4Al SchaeferFW (0)
The Sandman's Bajorans were looking to rely heavily on his dicard pile, unfortuately, they forgot to ask Dukat for permission. I expected a much closer contest with TBG's Illinois protegee, but was happy to earn the quick "W" and a bit of a tournament reprieve. FW 100-0.

Round 5BorgNeil TimmonsFL (0)View opponent's Report
The Big Show's walking science fair projects were a formidable opponent, but my Cadets held their own and put on a good match nonetheless. In spite of some heated words and an added layer of gamesmanship, our first encounter primarily came down to good fortune and on this day he had it and I didn't. FL 100-60.

Round 6TNGJared HoffmanFW (0)
Hollywood's Cadets were put through the same wood chipper that Slamma's were, only in this game I drew particularly bad in both deck and dilemma pile. However, his lack of Geology at Geo Survey and a correct guess with Kirk ended my Nationals ride on a high note. FW 100-70.