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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Andoria Regional
2011-04-02 - 12:00 PM
TOSWell, Then I Guess There's Only One Thing Left to Do...
Regional Season 2011 officially kicked off in Fargo, North Dakota and that meant it was time, once again, for The Old Pro to unleash yet another original Money, Inc. design on the assembled masses. In what turned out to be a win in reverse, my toughest match came first while my easiest came last.

Round 1KlingonJody LambFW (0)View opponent's Report
Lion Heart was running Klingon battle, but despite a solid opening hand couldn't draw into enough personnel to feed into my kill pile. As expected, the game and effectively the tournament came down to a pivotal final turn where my dilemma pile stood its ground and his faltered. FW 100-70.

Round 2VoyagerChris VolkFW (0)
The Instant Classic was employing a Voyager / Equinox tag team that simply had no answer for Shran and McCoy, who retreived 9 of the 10 dilemmas he overcame over the course of the game. His space centered pile also had little effect as I cruised to victory by going planet / planet / space. FW 100-0.

Round 3KlingonMatthew HayesFW (0)View opponent's Report
The Animal was also attempting Klingon battle yet was unhappily given no chance to fire his guns as I left my ships at home throughout. Missing out on his chance to destroy a ship late proved to be very costly, as I mopped up in space the following turn. FW 100-10.

Round 4Terok NorMaquisAllison BerhowFW (0)
Black Widow was piloting Bam Bam's Terok Nor / Maquis leadership denial deck, however, she ran into a buzz saw early and never recovered. Legacy & Jem'Hadar Entrenchment stalled me a bit, but not enough to prevent The Originals from ruling the day. FW 100-5.