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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-10-09 - 11:00 AM
Non-AlignedA Pimp's Love is Very Different From That of a Square...
'Trek Bowl 2011 continued with a casual constructed gig on Sunday morning following a riotous bowling adventure the evening before. As such, I went achievement hunting by way of a Non-Aligned deck and 187 dilemma pile built to garner between 3 and 5 medals, depending on the outcome.

Round 1CardassianMatthew HayesFW (+30)
The Animal was dealing Cardassians, and had me on the ropes when he rather easily churned through his space mission. However, heading to planet was a death sentence thanks to an A.C.E. / Oracle's Punishment / Unfair Terms combo and I was able to pull out the 2-mission win. FW 100-70.

Round 2CardassianJeremy BenedictMW (+35)
The Razor was administering his Cardassian Worlds deck, and in an epic encounter he captured 4 peeps, including Shran, only to have Skalaar bust him out thanks to Acquire Illicit Explosives being in the Bajor region. With missions buried on both sides, I earned the mod-win in overtime. MW 85-50.

Round 3TNGBen JohnsonFW (+55)
Mankind was experimenting with a TNG 2-mission win design of his own, but also had a ton of trouble solving his planet. Legacy hit twice in key moments, but a triple A.C.E. consume with the Guillotine nailed this one down for the free agents. FW 100-45.