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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - Tr
2012-05-28 - 01:00 PM
Actually, I'm Not Even Mad... That's Amazing! ver 2.0
Memorial Day Weekend Tribble-a-thon Match #3 with my Discard deck.

Round 1 ()
Goon went out for 211k while Lil and I both picked up 100k to get off to a good start.

Round 2 ()
Chris went out for 102k with the speed deck in what was his only point scoring endeavor.

Round 3 ()
I collected 200k from Toxin and then went out for 102k to make it close with Goon.

Round 4 ()
Lil went out for 340k in a long round to pull into the lead with one round left.

Round 5 ()
Despite Goon and I splitting a Tally, Lil went out for another 314k to pick up the win.