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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - Tr
2012-06-23 - 03:00 PM
It's the Pleats... the Pleats in the Pants ver 3.0
With Steve & Nat grinding out round 5, the rest of us ran a lightning round of Tribbles.

Round 1 ()
I went out with a final card Battle that put two 100k's into my play pile for roughly 320k.

Round 2 ()
I went out in short order for another 100k.

Round 3 ()
Galen went out in a quick paced round for only 14k, while Jer got on the board with a few Toxin's.

Round 4 ()
Mega long round in which I somehow went out before Jer could for another 420k.

Round 5 ()
Galen went out again in a longer round for 434k, while I picked up 100k from a Utilize to go over the million mark.