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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - 2E
2013-01-01 - 11:30 AM
DS9You Shut Your Mouth... When Youre Talking to Me!
Following a New Year's Eve spent surrounded by family and friends, the assembled Champions reconvened at OP2K for the 7th annual installment of our legendary Charity Draft. With a product assist from The Razor, all 12 of the attendees were able to pitch in and help ISPM raise money for those less fortunate.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
With ten other combatants ready to throw down, I elected to take a first round bye and force pair half a dozen attendees via the infamous "pick your poison" matchup donation clause. This also bought me a bit more time to craft my own build, as I spent most of the draft aftermath generating decks for our rookies.

Round 2TNGMarshall SonstebyFW (+65)
The Masterpiece was trying out TNG, and in this his second ever game of 2E learned the hard way how important range and skill coverage can be. After repeatedly failing attempts due to Recurring Injury, I iced our game with a one-attempt solve at Security Briefing and then we remodulated his design. FW 100-35.

Round 3BorgJustin KaufmanFW (+100)
Crimson was kicking it with Borg despite being under the weather, but couldn't draw a ship to save his life in what ended up being a warp speed encounter. As we commiserated about our pod's distinct lack of dilemmas, I churned through my missions before he could really get up and running. FW 100-0.

Round 4RomulanNat KirtonFL (-65)
The Beast from the East was utilizing Romulan, and pounded everyone he played with high strength commons / uncommons mixed in with a dash of Navaar. I had a chance to steal one when he couldn't find a ship early, but a double dose of Moral Choice in space slammed the door on my upset bid. FL 100-35.

Closing Thoughts
I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank everyone who's been a part of New Year's Revolution over the years. Whether you played only once and have moved on or have been a constant fixture, both FMSC and ISPM have greatly benefited from your support and your generosity has not / will not be forgotten.