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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - 2E
2013-02-23 - 01:00 PM
Klingon...Are You Ready to do Your Duty for Rome?
Running on fumes heading down the back stretch of online and local league play, I elected to trot out the latest K.Ri.S. retread for our first live playoff. In building towards the 10x Klingon player achievement, 3 back and forth games with my ancient design left me reinvigorated with Regional season fast approaching.

Round 1BajoranSteve NelsonFW (+60)
The Full Nelson was working Bajoran 2-mission win, and collected 40 bonus points off of beating up Klingons despite the presence of SoK. However, a terrible first pick with Intimidation on planet abruptly ended the match before he could even get in a second mission attempt. FW 100-40.

Round 2VoyagerNat KirtonFL (-45)
The Beast from the East was kicking it with Voyager, but was slowed down considerably due to Conflict and Insurrection. After hammering each other with precision dilemma play throughout, he caught a break in a d2/s2 spot before I could auto-solve Brute to win the latest installment of our ongoing rivalry. FL 100-55.

Round 3TOSBarry WindschitlFW (+70)View opponent's Report
The Genius was attempting Motion Picture TOS, and had me on the ropes thanks to an early WNOHGB. After he cruised through his own IAP things were looking bleak, but Riker and Relentless powered me through both my planet missions in rapid succession while he was hung up on the ground. FW 100-30.

Closing Thoughts
In a rare circumstance, I am happy to have dodged an exceedingly cerebral match with The Natural's Maquis in this event given my frame of mind going in. While each game posed its own distinct challenges, I walked away satisfied with my results and assured that whenever I need a breather I can always lean on my Sword.