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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - 2E
2014-02-23 - 12:00 PM
TOSHe Matured a lot Over the Winter... Apparently He's Bathing Now
Our T2E Tough Enough League weekend concluded with a Second Edition gig at FFG, and I went to war with a slightly modified version of Motion Picture Medics. In switching the primary wall from Dignitaries and Witnesses to Telepathic Deception, I ended the day one 50 / 50 random selection away from taking top honors.

Round 1DS9-EarthLillian ChanFW (+60)
The Asian Sensation was kicking it with Cadets, but lost most of her high cost personnel at Practice Orbital Maneuvers before the ALC bomb left her de-staffed on the ground. After narrowly evading an Infinite Diversity, I skated through Investigate Alien Probe in one shot to nail down the win. FW 100-40.

Round 2KlingonMatthew HayesFW (+65)
The Animal was captaining Klingon, and blew through space thanks to Azetbur's Exobiology. However, I continued to pick on mission skills with The Clown: Guillotine and All-Consuming Evil at Brute Force, eventually locking him out long enough to work around the chair shot I took from Legacy at Find Lifeless World. FW 100-35.

Round 3DominionJeremy BenedictML (-1)
The Razor was administering Dominion, and deftly dodged an ALC de-staff early courtesy of Odo and Goran'Agar. With two of my crews stopped cold in space via Tactical Disadvantage and Gorgan, his lone officer survived the chopping block at Survey New World and he took the match on victory conditions at the buzzer. ML 70-80.

Closing Thoughts
With league season winding down and my 412 point goal still within reach, it is difficult not to dwell on the points left on the table, both in this tournament and over the course of the past five months. Hopefully, I can find a way to finish strong in my final four events, and transform this personal objective into reality.