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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2015-03-01 - 12:00 AM
KlingonDon't be Side Tracked or Shunted... Let Pretenders Feel Your Bite
With the Online League rolling back into Block mode this month, I elected to simply retool my South Dakota Regional winner from last May rather than delve into DS9. Unfortunately, this time around I wasn't the only one seeing red, and duplicate missions quickly became a running theme.

Round 1BajoranJeremy HuthFW (+90)
Hardcore was attempting Gamma Quadrant DS9, but was stuck behind an Incentive Based Economics at Investigate Omicron Particles for much of the match. After smashing through two planet missions in rapid succession, Kitrik & Co. cleared an Oops! at Navigate Argolis Cluster to nail down the victory. FW 100-10.

Round 2KlingonJon CarterFL (-40)View opponent's Report
Dr. Death was also playing Klingon, and took advantage of his superior rules knowledge to crack a Linguistic Legerdemain combo at Surgery Under Fire early. In response to duplicating 3 missions, I went all-in at Host Metaphasic Shielding Test late only to have my upset bid spurned by a Whale Probe. FL 100-60.

Round 3MaquisEdwin LatrellFW (+40)View opponent's Report
Loose Cannon was captaining Maquis, and immediately shut down a report engine as Gowron was captured in my first attempt at Renovate Starbase. Forced to change gears, I peppered him with personnel battle before eventually clearing "God" via a cloaked ship to lock up the win. FW 100-60.

Round 4KlingonTed ReebelMW (+25)
T-Rex was co-chairing Klingon, but was relatively gun shy when it came to mission attempts as the spaceline was only 7 cards long. Killing Nu'Daq mid-game ultimately tipped the modified win scales in my favor, as without him he ended up short on Archeology to clear a Captain's Holiday. MW 65-40.

Closing Thoughts
Unsurprisingly, Klingons remain the dominant affiliation in Block, as even without a Battle Bridge side deck their ability to attack at will is unparallelled. And in a weak dilemma environment such as this, being able to flex some muscle against your opponent is often the easiest path to victory.