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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - 2E
2015-12-12 - 10:30 AM
KlingonRomulanWe Said We Weren't Gonna Talk About Cincinatti Ever... Okay?
In a case of better late than never, The Original Champion's Challenge once again took over the T2E Tough Enough League airwaves for another dose of Premiere Only Constructed. Invoking the "play it as it reads" rule as in prior years, those easy missions caught the eye of more than one angle shooter on this day.

Round 1CardassianSteve NelsonFL (-35)
The Full Nelson was rocking straight Cardassian, and knocked out Kressari Rendezvous in one attempt as Center of Attention whiffed courtesy of his hand weapon. Trading solves in similar fashion until the bitter end, he cleared Evacuate Colony by the skin of his teeth to steal this one at the wire. FL 100-65.

Round 2KlingonRomulanrakesubrocketFW (+35)
The Chosen One was playing Klingon / Romulan, but was tagged by Chula: Echoes on the ground early at our first inflection point. With Aggressive Behavior giving us both fits at Amnesty Talks, I mega teamed my way to victory shortly after slamming the door on his upset bid via Personal Duty and Maglock. FW 100-65.

Round 3KlingonRomulanJustin KaufmanFW (+65)
Crimson was also orchestrating the Christmas color tandem, but couldn't hold me down at Supervise Dilithium Mine nor Rescue Prisoners for very long. A lack of Geology on his side of the table for much of the match meant he couldn't duplicate my efforts, and that left things decidedly one sided. FW 100-35.

Closing Thoughts
A dizzying work schedule pushed this annual "Fall Classic" at least a month past the expiration date, and that no doubt impacted attendance. Next year, I will be sure to host this marquee event in late October as usual to give a greater number of folks the opportunity to play in this fan favorite format.