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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - 2E - Peldor Gratitude Festival
2016-01-02 - 11:30 AM
TNGWhat Do You Get Out of Being Subtle... Right?
A decade in the making, the 10th Annual New Year's Charity Draft returned to where it all began at OP2K as the frozen chosen came out to support a family in need half a World away. In gaming for the greater good once more, both current and returning Champions alike helped raise life changing money for the less fortunate over seas.

Round 1RomulanJason TangFW (+65)View opponent's Report
JTG was packing Romulan, but was comparatively slow out of the gate as his high cost personnel were quickly outnumbered by my cheap replacements. Despite getting tagged with Preventative Repercussions, I had Officer in spades to nail down Intercept Renegade and take the win in this warp speed affair. FW 100-35.

Round 2KlingonLillian ChanFL (-35)
The Asian Sensation was experimenting with Klingon, and quickly dialed up Kahlest for a cunning boost throughout. Clearing Khitomer Investigation after a bevy of Anthro made Antedian Assassins innefective turned the tide in her favor, and from there it was all I could do to keep the score respectable. FL 100-65.

Round 3RomulanNat KirtonFW (+65)
The Beast From the East was also dealing Romulan, but couldn't draw a ship for an eternity early on. Flooring it through Medical Research and Geo Survey before he could get rolling, I kept him in check with Security Weapons and Hull Breach in space to notch a rare sealed victory over my long time ally. FW 100-35.

Round 4TNGChris VolkFW (+25)
The Instant Classic was testing out TNG, and whiffed with a lone Center of Attention in my initial attempt. Staked to a big lead, I fed him a ton of stoppers at Host Metaphasic Shielding Test to force a retreat to his HQ shortly before double teaming my way though planet in this good natured game. FW 100-75.

Closing Thoughts
Thanks again as always to everyone who has supported this annual fundraiser for the past decade and counting. Whether you played only once and have since moved on or have been a constant fixture, both FMSC and ISPM have greatly benefited from your support and your generosity has not been forgotten.