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Kris Sonsteby (LORE)
Tournament Report - Tr
2016-01-05 - 06:30 PM
You're a Real Hooker... I'm Gonna Slap You in Public ver 6.0
Crazy match. Split into 2 pods, racing to the highest point total, and I'm sitting next to Robert who keeps skipping me or reversing direction. Galen and Jer piled up points off of Toxin and Poison to take big leads as a result, but I went out Round 3 with Fizzbin x3 in the pile to make it interesting. I then elected to keep Round 5 going in hopes of catching Jer, but ended up settling for catching and passing Galen for a solid 2nd place finish.

Round 1 ()

Round 2 ()

Round 3 ()

Round 4 ()

Round 5 ()