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Barry Windschitl (JamesValEson)
Tournament Report - 2E
2013-02-23 - 01:00 PM
TOSTotally Integritous Bastards 1.0
This was my latest try with TOS Integrity.

Round 1VoyagerNat KirtonFL (-95)
Voyager, with the Chuckles Bros. Yeah, most of my dilemmas had a hard time hitting. And with Nat, most games end up going in his favor.

Round 2MaquisNon-AlignedJustin KaufmanFW (+100)View opponent's Report
Justing was focused on one mission to get first, and I was able to keep him from it. While he was stuck banging his head against that wall, I was able to bust through his dilemmas at my mission to get the win.

Round 3KlingonKris SonstebyFL (-70)View opponent's Report
Kris playing K.Ri.S. Not a good match-up for me. I got IAP fast enough, but wasn't able to get my planet fast enough to get through the Gauntlet.

Closing Thoughts
This would be my last run with TOS for a while, but I leave them looking back and wondering what I could do to make them better. New cards have come out since then, so it may soon be time to take the Integritous Bastards back out of the pasture.