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Barry Windschitl (JamesValEson)
Tournament Report - 2E
2013-10-19 - 11:30 AM
RelativityRelativity 1.96
I wasn't sure what to play for what would be a Slobber-Knocker of a tourney, so I tweaked my Relativity Deck (with some ideas I used in it for Slipstream), and went with that. One unfortunate tweak was to take out B'Elanna (Voyager), something I would definitely regret during my third game.

Round 1BorgKevin JaegerFL (-50)View opponent's Report
This was a Bad match-up for such a deck as Relativity: Borg Assimilator. I Did manage to get Aid Lost Colony for 50 points before being drained at my second mission. When Kevin got back his three copies of K&E, I decided to concede so I could get a break to get some fresh air.

Round 2CardassianCaleb GraceFL (-50)
For my second round, I faced my second world champion, and the one who took me down back in 2007 when I made it to Worlds Final Confrontation. Caleb, showing both his mad playing skills and great deck teching, came in with a traditional Cardie deck (with the Phoenix, which wouldn't have hurt me at all) and was able to outplay me just like he did all those years ago.

Round 3VoyagerShawn ColsonFL (-35)
Not quite a mirror match, but a dual of no HQs. This was a much closer game, as I was just a turn away from getting a full win, when he was able to Dingle-Dangle (Chuckles' Brothers) through my dilemmas to get the win. He also hit my Relativity with a Greater Needs, causing me to have to play "Ferry the Folks" with the Rel and the Wells (Heh, Rhyme-age).

Round 4RelativityJustin KaufmanFW (+55)
This is where things really turned around. I was able to get things going consistently and keep Justin held back with dilemmas, and secured my first win of the day.

Round 5DominionNon-AlignedMatthew HayesFW (+60)
Matt "The Animal" Hayes Always has something up his sleeves, and this time was a Dominion/NA/Khan deck. Unfortunately, he was mostly playing weenies for the first half of the round, and I was able to one-drop-stop him with dilemmas like Slightly Overbooked (he O,NH's my on In Development). He also tried to get me with Greater Needs Twice (!), to which I replied in the mid game by hitting one of his two ship with it (and another one either in the last few turns, or when he played out what his last turn would have been after I rolled up the win). The Chuckles Brothers Really helped things out here, and Geordie was a Super Star when I used him to nerf one of the two Greater Needs (Nothing like having an extra 20-25 points to play with). Dick Galen also has some play when he gave some skills during critical mission attempts.

Closing Thoughts
The deck seems to be coming together, it just needs some more finessing (like always with most decks). B'Elanna is going back in, and there will be less emphasis on using Cluttering Irrelevancies (as I only used it Once all day). With all the TT'ing I was doing for non-future peeps, the next version will use The Plays the Thing (especially since I now have a promo foil of it thanks to this tourney). It was a hard fight, yet a fun time with the crew.