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Barry Windschitl (JamesValEson)
Tournament Report - 2E - Andoria Regional
2014-05-31 - 11:00 AM
RelativityRelativity 2.0.5
I went with a tweaked version of the deck that won me a tourney back in late April. This one now looks at doing three missions, one of them being PHD so I can later play Ressikan Flute to get events back (this might come back out, as I only used this in one or two games, and only in a limited capacity).

Round 1TNGNat KirtonFL (-25)
My one loss was a Very close one. I didn't get a ship until turn two or three, and was worried about that set-back costing me in the long run (which, since I was one to two turns from pulling ahead, it likely did). Nat was playing TNG Cadeticals (If I recall correctly. I'm pretty sure he had the cadet mission in it, but his deck list isn't up). His plan was to go for 40-point missions, and get round the corner points with Tallera and/or Raise the Stakes (which might sound bad, but he had tech that this Seriously helped. Hush-hush on the Deets, Yo). My dilemma pile was pretty much geared for weenie hate (not intentionally), and I gave him headaches with it just as much as he did with his pile. Details are hazy, but he ended up getting his second mission and only having 95 points as I had stopped Tallera during the attempt. So that bought me enough time to get to my final mission. This Very close game ended up with me loosing just a turn or two away from pulling out the full win. A good game as always with the Beast.

Round 2TNGJustin KaufmanFW (+60)
This was a much more solid game for me, as with the above game, I was tech'd for his cadets. My ship came out faster, and I was able to get going sooner. I think he pretty much gave me PHD with only one dilemma thrown (that I was able to push through with Revised Chuckles). By the time I was locking up the win, he was still only on his second mission. I think he told me that he was using this deck for the first time, so with a little more practice, he should be able to get it rolling along.

Round 3RelativityJeremy BenedictFW (+65)
Mirror Match! The Admiral was running a less-tech'd out version of Relativity (I don't believe he used the full Chuckles Brothers Tech). I got my ship on turn two by using a Tacking (Pretty sure it was this game), while he did the Start of Turn Download. He had a miss or two with O,NH, but Baxter's them back throughout the game. He went first for NXC, and eventually got that mission under his belt. On this one, I think I had to switch up my missions solving and went for Breach Barrier first, after not getting enough Anthro out for PHD. The game ended up with me getting the win while Jer was still trucking away at his second mission.

Round 4VoyagerNon-AlignedHell's HeartIan ParmenterFW (+45)
This was an odd deck to see. It makes sense to use the Voyager with Khan for the ship, but then you still need Fed peeps to pilot the ships (which makes it so you can use Cycle B'Elanna and what not). He got an early Caretakers Array, and moved on to CAV, which he got by the end of the game. I pretty much got all my tech running and slugged it through my missions to get a full win.

Closing Thoughts
The deck still works well. I didn't go up against any capture, which with the inability to get peeps back and Jer's penchant for bringing that deck out, was a worry. I was also worried about Soul Searching, but pretty much used it as a back-up way of fueling TwT (and Hinderance if the opportunity to pop that ever came up). My performance wasn't bad for this tourney, and I ended up finishing fourth, so I certainly have no regrets about how this all went down.