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Barry Windschitl (JamesValEson)
Tournament Report - 2E
2015-01-24 - 10:00 AM
StarfleetI Do have a beard, and it's Glorious!
My first stop of the day in my "Trip Through the Looking Glass" was to visit the Mirror Starfleet "Terran Empire". Armed with a bunch of guys who could do some mad "Free Hands" combat, I went to work trying to get some wins.

Round 1TNGbandana8472FL (-60)View opponent's Report
Frid's always a class act to play, but I know that a win against him is pretty rare for me. This was no different. I didn't get my ASFSE or AWC? engine running fast enough, and had to head out with a small crew after he went and micro-teamed IMA. It turned out Starbase 718 would be the only mission I would get this game, but since he went planet first, I would at least get the extra 10 points. I was able to give him a few chair shot, first by Outclassing an Ent-D that had moved already, then by sending his Ent on a trip to WNOHGB. But micro teaming can lead to a Lot of hard dilemma draws, and he was able to outwit me for a full win.

Round 2KlingonLoren BurrMW (+55)
Loren is a relatively new player, but packing KRiS heat, he was one that I was weary of playing. I was able to outplay him on dilemmas (even selecting his most expensive Klingon for the first pick on The Chandra, and chair-shotting him with RBA). I managed to get a modified win with my super-boosted Mirror Guys after time was called.

Round 3TNGSteve NelsonFW (+100)
Steve was trying something new, with something old. He was running TNG, but trying the same trick of stranding my ships in the DQ with damage coming soon after. He whiffed the combo when he selected the skill I had extra of for Stupify, and it was quick work to get the shut-out and full win.

Closing Thoughts
Not a bad deck that need some finessing. This will be one I come back to in the future when I need to get a deck polished up for a big game.