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Barry Windschitl (JamesValEson)
Tournament Report - 2E
2016-02-13 - 10:30 AM
BorgGive Up, Give Up! And Feed The Machine!: Borg Snatch and Run 2.2
Despite my many times playing Borg, I have yet to actually score a win with them in the CC era. So I figure I might as well go for that during the playoff season. I retooled my Snatch-and-Run deck using the ideas of MVB and his minimal Assimilator. I also added The Perfect Tool to aid in the recycle and Redraw of needed cards once I get peeps assimilated. It worked really well, but one hold over from the last incarnation of S-a-R, ALC, plagued me throughout the Tourney.

Round 1RelativityJeremy BenedictFW (+65)View opponent's Report
I went into this one thinking it would be a repeat of my game against Justin Ford at MN Masters. Luckily, I was able to snag five or so of his guys, including His Data and Ducane, and set myself up to cheat my way through Jer's dilemmas to snag the win from the Future. Good Game, Jer.

Round 2CardassianKris SonstebyFL (-15)View opponent's Report
As Pies said, once he smelled my shenanigans, he went into his Plan C mode, and turtled at his HQ until he had most of his guys out on the table. After discarding down four ships, he sent two out to crop-dust a couple of planet missions. By that time, I had my hand set up to snatch people, and two targets locations to choose from. I chose the one with "Richer" targets, and went to work, snagging at least 5 guys. After that, it was a race to the finish that saw me get stalled at ALC for several turns while I was working without a skill or two (again, that mission's coming out). My Biggest mistake was ALC- Bombing him, which allowed him to add fuel for his Central Commands on his last turn. A Close game (closer than I thought it would be), but a Good Game, Kris.

Round 3StarfleetJustin KaufmanFW (+55)View opponent's Report
Justin, who could tell what I was planning, played rather cautiously in the early game. He downloaded a Sarajevo early to keep his guys safe at Earth, and soon went out to take a crack at Investigate Derelict. This left him open to my assault team, and I was able to de-staff his ship soon after. A Lot of back and forth happened after that, as he targeted my OWtBs and Perfect Tool with counters to keep me from getting too much headway. Once his counters were gone, I was able to snag a few more guys, and race to the finish line, while his were stalled out at his first planet mission. Good Game, Justin.

Closing Thoughts
This type of Assimilator isn't that bad, but my mistake of not switching out ALC, and/or not just abandoning it to go to Plot Invasion (A Much easier mission, but worth 5 less points) left me spinning my wheels too many times. Another major part of this was my not including Obsessed Queen (Who has three of the skills for ALC), as I wanted to angle for the "Before The Queen" achievement. Once the bugs are out, this should work a Lot better for me.