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Greg Dillon (Latok)
Tournament Report - 2E - Worlds Day Two
2019-08-11 - 09:00 AM
Romulan2E Worlds 2019 Day 2

Round 1CardassianNerdopolis PrimeFW (+100)
This game went smoothly like my one against Maggie yesterday, kill everyone and discard everything then get bonus points and deck out.

Round 2RomulanSebastian KirsteinFL (-55)
Seppel got his bonus point events out very early so I wasn't going to be able to TT or MW against him. Therefor I couldn't discard most of my solving personnel like normal, which meant I couldn't draw as hard for my interrupts. Even still I managed to slow him at the first mission without any assassins or ships in play and completely prevent a second mission by targetting Archaeology and Law. Unfortunately because his deck was so large, even with AWCs and Energize, it took to long to get to the point I could safely attempt and I only got two attempts in before time. Close, challenging match that really showed the power of my deck, faster play and it's a guaranteed win.

Round 3DominionJustin FordML (-35)
Justin on Day 2 again, I lost this game because I played him on Day 1 and he got to see how powerful the deck is, he said he added 3 ETUs to his Day 2 deck that night. He was doing Dominion Infiltrator stuff, attribute reduction, eh I'll be able to kill the infiltrators with TR-116 but Pseudopod was scary so I luckily hit that with Secret Agenda, ignoring Crippling Struke then followed up next turn with Deep Hatred. I also took out his GPTs with Deep Hatred after he used one to nuke Power Shift (which I should've held until late game but I was counting on not hitting time). Then Justin kind of chilled at his HQ wih an ETUuntil I used Geordi, Tal'Aura and the gun to pick off two people. After that he played his ship and went to attempt, I had an Imperial Entanglements of course and I can't remember how many I killed but I captured one with Tain and destaffed him. He was getting 10 counters a turn now so it didn't take to long before he built up for another attempt, I got another stop but not able to destaff him to strand two ships because of two ETUs. Justins real winning play was to Crippling Strike my ship with Retaya on it so my Secret Conspiracy couldn't stop the solve next turn. He discarded his TR-116 which was a big mistake that would've been a very simple win for him. Play 2 ETUs and an assassin one turn, ship next and then TR-116. I can't kill his people at all, at best I'd get one use of his ETU I steal and he can then freely eliminate everyone I play.

Round 4Missed GameMG (0)

Round 5Missed GameMG (0)

Round 6Missed GameMG (0)

Round 7Missed GameMG (0)

Round 8Missed GameMG (0)