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Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2012-08-17 - 10:00 AM
StarfleetDamplaced 4.1
I knew that playing in this tournament would be a day-of-game decision since I was also interested in playing in the 1E Continental. After some deliberation, I decided to play 2E since I knew I would just have my face rubbed in it playing 1E. I am glad I did because for me, I did very well.

Round 1VoyagerAmber Van BreemenFW (+40)
Amber seemed to be playing a similar deck to the one her husband had been playing the day before. I knew what to expect and made sure to destroy Q events early and often. The Archer/Lorian tag team were in full force and I was able to get the win, my first win again Amber by the way.

Round 2StarfleetWilliam HoskinMW (+5)View opponent's Report
Similar decks led to a long game that went to time. Will would have taken it but I got the perfect dilemma draw during his final turn and was able to stop his attempts with Greater Needs to end the game with me ahead.

Round 3StarfleetJared HoffmanFL (-70)
I don't really remember this game very well. I am pretty sure that it was a mirror match as well but Jared's build was much like the build I had for the 2011 Iowa Regional with Breach Barrier in there for Nathan Samuels.

Round 4TNGDarrell MinottFW (+60)
This game was all about Jonny, Karyn, and Lorian. The three of them gave me control of the game. Darrell was able to slow me down a little on the first couple turns because he parked NE Troi at my HQ, but my deck is built for the Enterprise to be my mobile HQ so Troi was lonely for most of the game.