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Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero)
Tournament Report - 2E
2014-01-26 - 12:00 PM
MaquisTranswarp Sealed 1/26/14
Not a bad turn out for us here in Chicago with 8 players showing up including a certain Treachery x2 from Minnesota. I am starting off over a month of league sealed tournaments between here at home with this tournament and next month's tournament as well as the 1E and 2E WCT Online tournaments starting on February 3rd. Today, we were playing sealed with Transwarp decks and Classic TNG draft packs. The format is a little wonky since the draft packs only had TNG, Klingon, Romulan, and Ferengi in them. Players who didn't get those Transwarp decks were at a slight disadvantage. I admit I got lucky though because I pulled the Maquis which is a strong deck by itself. I only pulled 3 cards that made it into the draw deck and one of them was a ship that I never even needed to play. Most of the virtuals I used were in the dilemma pile.

Round 1RomulanAl SchaeferFW (+30)View opponent's Report
Al got off to a fast start using Tal, Alert Subcommander. Luckily, I was able to kill him early which slowed Al down considerably. The game rested on two dilemmas, Captain's Holiday and Quaint Technology. I was able to get full stops three times each from both dilemmas. That sealed the win for me.

Round 2Non-AlignedEric BiecheFW (+35)
Eric pulled the DS9 deck that apparently is a NA Thief deck. I got lucky early by killing Ty Kajada which left glaring skill holes in Eric's personnel that I was able to exploit with my dilemmas. It also helped that I was playing a lot of my cheap Maquis and that his Pickpocket was not working too well. I was able to squeak out a win in this close game.

Round 3KlingonTNGKris SonstebyFL (-70)View opponent's Report
Kris was in town from Minnesota so he came to play to escape Chinatown for a couple hours. He probably had the best pull of all of us with the TNG deck, Commandeer Prototype, and a Phoenix. I really didn't have a chance and only got away with one mission completed.

Closing Thoughts
I think if we play this format again, we should build extra Transwarp decks for the affiliations that are represented in the packs. That way we can all start on the same footing.