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Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2013-08-16 - 06:00 PM
BorgSealed 8/16/13
It is a great feeling to walk onto the con floor two days before you planned on getting there just in time for a sealed tournament to start. Plus the tournament pulled in three new players that are all local for me, so we get some new blood. I got stuck with the Borg deck. I have only played Borg once and I came in last that time, so I was not expecting much.

Round 1Stefen CoissonMW (+5)
I volunteered to help Stefan build his deck since he was one of those three new players. He got kinda screwed with the Klingon deck, but he picked the game up really quick and was dropping dilemmas on me like a pro. He chased me to a MW with those great dilemma plays.

Round 2KlingonJeremy BenedictFL (-65)
Though Jeremy and I have talked a bunch, we have never actually played against each other before. I think I held my own but I just couldn't keep up with his Klingons.

Round 3RomulanUnjustly BannedFL (-30)View opponent's Report
James just put up a wall of dilemmas that my Borg could not climb over. I was chasing him the whole game and just never got going.

Closing Thoughts
Honestly, if I had just pulled a second Borg Cube, I think this would have been a very different tournament for me. I still had a lot of fun and adding two new people to the number I have played against as well as adding players to our playgroup makes for great times!