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Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero)
Tournament Report - 1E - North American Continental
2013-08-17 - 02:00 AM
TerranAnother Excuse To Play With Ezri 2.0
With all the garbage that was been going on with my wife and I lately, I was only planning on going to Gen Con on Sunday, but as I told many people, the stars aligned only three days before the convention, and I was able to get to Indianapolis on Friday. That meant I could play in the 1E Continental so I made sure to pack my newly streamlined Terran Empire deck. It ended up being a very hard fought tournament for me as you will see.

Round 1BorgPhil SchraderMW (-25)
I've never played against Phil and we both have a similar 1E skill level so I was excited for this match up. I have also never played against Alpha Borg before. This was truly a back and forth game but I was able to pull it out and stay only a couple points ahead to take the MW. Phil definitely showed me how powerful scouting and probing same turn can be though.

Round 2BorgKurtis CorreiaFL (-50)View opponent's Report
Huh. This looks familiar. Alpha Borg with a Klingon mission set again. Kurtis was running on all cylinders, and I just had no chance. I might have had the opportunity to change the tide when he came and assimilated at my homeworld, but I was scared to flip Defend Homeworld for fear that he would just get more people to assimlate and score more points. Next time, I think I will just try it. I was able to blow up his cube with "God" though. That counts for something, right?

Round 3BorgSean O'ReillyMW (+7)
Oh god! Not again! Sean was playing Alpha Borg too! I admit I got pretty lucky in this game. I hit another cube explosion with "God" and Sean just could not draw into any other ships. I was able to work up enough points while Sean's drones were shipwrecked on the planet to MW.

Round 4BajoranJustin FordFL (-76)View opponent's Report
Once I saw Justin's missions, I wanted to hug him. No Alpha Borg! HUZZAH! Justin was playing a Bajoran/Son'a solver with a splash of what I am calling the "Kivas Fajo Shell Game" to hide an Orb somewhere I can't destroy it. It was a good game. With Access Denied's everywhere, I was pretty locked down and Justin got the win. I did scare him though by almost blowing up his ship with the Defiant.

Round 5BorgNeal LawsonMW (+45)
Hey, it's Neal! I love playing Nea....NOOOOOOOOO! WHY NEAL WHY!? Not more Alpha Borg! Honestly, this almost became a solitaire game because after playing against it three times already, I knew how the deck works as well as Neal did. I was able to score enough points after time had been called to take it, but by that point of the day, I was so tired. It was a really fun, laid back game though.

Closing Thoughts
So I end up playing against Alpha Borg four times in one tournament, and I get 24th place even though I went 3-2. What a day. By the end, I just wanted to fall down dead. (Instead, I ended up going to dinner with my wife and her family and drinking a whole bottle of sake.) Charlie crowned me the "King of the MW" for this tournament.