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Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero)
Tournament Report - 1E - North American Continentals Side Event
2013-08-18 - 09:00 AM
FerengiKlingonFederationHoliday Road
So...I get home Sunday night from GenCon 2012. I am tired, but it was one of the most fun times I have ever had in my life. I had just won the chance to design a card in the Cool Tournament with my "That's What She Said." deck and I am flying high. I turn on the TV and National Lampoon's Vacation is on. That's when it hits me and I start building my Cool deck for GenCon 2013. I'm going to have a Griswald family vacation in the Star Trek universe! It took multiple iterations of the deck and a ton of brainstorming to find a way to pull it off, but I was able to put practically every Star Trek family in 1E into the deck and give them a vacation mission set to complete as well. Now this is where I got stuck. How do you play all of these different characters in one deck!? That's easy. You fill up the family station wagon, otherwise known as the T'Ong! I even dressed the part during the tournament with my best Walt Disney World clothes and my Donald Duck butt hat.

Round 1Andrew BowlingFL (-70)
Andrew's deck as totally awesome. As I told him, I appreciate wholesale murder and killing Kova Tholl over and over in order to win is absolutely amazing. Andrew gave me a couple turns just so he could figure out my "coolness" and I think he appreciated it once I got rolling.

Round 2Matthew McClainFW (+10)
Once my families realized what Matthew was doing, it was time to "roll up the windows, kids!" Matthew was building a one-ship Romulan armada so that he could clear both sides of the spaceline. It was pretty ingenious, and I'll be honest that there were some ideas I took out of this game that I will use in other decks.

Round 3Jason BeyerFW (+95)
I have actually played against Jason's deck before in the "Cool" Tournament we had here in Chicago on Into Darkness weekend. In his deck, Q has some fun by sending the NX-01 to the Delta Quadrant. It is a really fun and cool deck, and we had one of the best games I have ever played. We had to call people over just to make sure we had witnesses to see that we were able to have Porthos and Spot chase each other around. Only in a "Cool" tournament, folks! I was also the SECOND opponent to win against Jason by scoring Gift of the Tormentor points!

Closing Thoughts
So with the tournament over, I did my best to spread out my families and the hotel staff for everyone to see, but there were so many that it would have just taken too much time. Everybody was cracking up when I explained my deck, and once the judges came back, I was crowned the Coolest! It was a really excellent tournament and always the highlight of Gen Con since it is so laid back and just people having fun. Now I need to start thinking of another card to design!