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Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero)
Tournament Report - 1E
2013-09-08 - 12:30 PM
TerranAnother Excuse To Play With Ezri 2.0
Between the fact we were not even sure this tournament was going to happen until two days before and I have had no time for anything lately, I had to bring my Terran Empire deck to our 1E tournament. I thought it would be fine since the deck did better than I thought it would at Continentals, but it did not go well.

Round 1Non-AlignedHirogenCorbin JohnsonFL (-65)
Even with YAAM, Corbin was able to walk through things with his Hirogens. I was able to complete Disrupt Alliance, but that was about it.

Round 2FederationEric BiecheML (-5)
Eric was playing a Finest Crew In The Fleet deck that he borrowed from Corbin. I was able to pull off my Orion/Abandon Ship combo to totally stall Eric out, but he had already completed a 35 mission. I only was able to complete Disrupt Alliance before being wiped out by the dilemma combo at the Terran HQ, so I lost by 5 points.

Round 3Edward PigmanFL (-100)
Ed only has a Federation Flagship Relaunched deck so I should have assumed that is what he was bringing. He walked through my dilemma combos and that was that.

Closing Thoughts
My deck was teched against TNG Ferengi and Borg for the Continental. Obviously no one played those, so I was hosed. There is still too much going on in this deck, so at least this tournament wasn't a complete waste in that I did come up with a lot of ways to streamline the deck again. I think another version of it will be in the works.