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Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero)
Tournament Report - 2E
2014-09-28 - 12:00 PM
DominionInfiltration 101
Originally, my plan was to bow out of this month's tournament, but due to the facts that it was the Balance of Terror release tournament and I had an interesting idea for a deck, I decided to show up. I really wanted to try the new Species 8472 mechanic. I racked my brain to try and think up a deck design that would complement the dilemma pile. After a lot of failed attempts at building the deck, I came up with teaming our friends from Fluidic Space with the masters of infilration, the Dominion.

Round 1MaquisNon-AlignedEdward PigmanMW (+5)View opponent's Report
Ed was playing holograms with the Olarra. That made for a problem because he had a lot of Treachery x2 guys and was able to prevent Dubious Decoy from going into the core. Luckily, my Founder infilrators kept him at a snail's pace and forced the game to time. I had both of the 8472 missions completed for 70 points while he only had 65 from his two DQ missions.

Round 2RelativityAl SchaeferFW (+65)View opponent's Report
Al was playing Relativity again. I was hoping for this match up since I thought infiltrators would wreak havoc on the future Feds. I ended up being right. The Relativity was packed with Founders crawling around in the air ducts and slowed Al to a crawl at Navigate Xindi Corridor. I was able to hold Al to two mission completions as I filled his core with 8472 dilemmas and got the alternate win. I fully admit that I really lucked out on my last mission attempt as Al hit me with Chula: The Game and then whiffed on the following two Chula dilemmas.

Round 3VoyagerMaggie GeppertTT (0)View opponent's Report
Maggie was also playing 8472 but went with a Voyager solver deck. I was not drawing as well as I had the previous two games and could not get my Anthro or Exo guys out so I sat back and concentrated on infilration for the time being. I loaded Voyager with infilrators while trying to build up a team to complete Terrasphere 8. With all of the infilrators out, I was able to force Maggie into four attempts at Northwest Passage and ended up with 13 dilemmas underneath. If I had known how much time was left, I would have popped my Founder Instigator, but I decided to save him to hopefully stop an attempt at her Terrasphere 8. We ended in a True Tie at 35 after a failed attempt with all 11 of my personnel on my last turn.

Closing Thoughts
I would have won the tournament if it weren't for that MW against Ed. Ugh. You really should get the "At Least You Didn't Beat Me" achievement for True Ties, not just wins. At least, my last two tournaments have been huge bumps up for my 2E rating. Well all in all, I like the deck build, but I definitely see room for improvement for next time.