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Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh)
Tournament Report - 1E - Ferenginar Regional
2018-06-03 - 12:30 PM
BajoranCardassianModified MVB shenanigans.
I failed the DECK, the deck was to big I really needed to spend time refining it, but the dilemma worked TO well, against people who HAD taken some effort to be ready for it. I made such massive directly game losing mistakes in every game it's not even funny. The dilemma set up for planets is silly, it makes teching against QI look like childs play. I'm sorry deck i let you down with suck bad play.

Round 1StarfleetJustin FordML (-35)
game was zero zero at time, Justin had no way to ever solve a planet left, but with time ending on his turn before he was over committed in the wrong direction he got a hell marry shot at a space mission and hit the ONE he at that time could actuality walks through to solve and get some points to win.

Round 2KlingonRichard DeLashmitMW (+75)
Richard was sol for the planets walling him up, after trying one or two things, i was slow to go but had one done another clear to solve on my turn with a GOOD shot to solve a third and full win but time ended at the wrong time for me to get a full so mod it is.

Round 3MaquisNon-AlignedMichael Van BreemenFL (-65)
I made three GAME losing mistakes, each individually was enough to lose me the game taken together it;s amazing the game was even this close. That said he never passed a EotS, and never could after odo said mine mine mine mine mine to Mr. Chuckles.

Closing Thoughts
I wont say there is nothing that can be done about EotS, i can definitely think of ways for various deck to beat it but the lock out is so VERY strong, with a more refined deck on my end, and playing with the various counters to the tech to beat it like i was, it's a VERY VERY uphill battle, no one ever passed EotS today and Justin had about 4 level of tech to be prepared for it even. If you though including card to tech to pass QI was hard the hoops your going to have to jump through for EotS are MUCH bigger, to the point that I think this is a card that bears watching for possible adjustments. I may have failed today, but EotS never did, I and the rest of the deck let my self down on this day.