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Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - Worlds Day Two
2011-08-06 - 04:00 PM
Non-AlignedFederationHirogenVidiianOTF - DQ
The top 4 from worlds, same deck as the main tournament. I came in in 3rd place but had not played the 2nd place player.

Round 1Non-AlignedFederationChris DonatiFW (0)
Chris I'd played him at continentals and he was playing a similar deck I knew his play style would make short work of my dilemmas as although I was playing a different deck at Continentals my dilemmas were very similar. I was going second once again. both decks were off and running fast clearing out and solving missions quickly. As he was about to win on his next turn I went for it and in keeping his deck tight he had omitted in the zone I scored 85 points to get the win.

Round 2KlingonRomulanJeremy CommandeurFL (0)
Well it was Jeremy again, this time I was going second and both decks were firing on all cylinders, I had stacked 5 dilemmas under both his space missions with a heavy anti red-ship design to them, So Jeremy went for 140 points from all 4 of his planets. I had meant to and forgot to DL the Olara to stop the raptor 1 harassment of my ship and the turn I would have been on it he hit me killing 2 people that killed the other 2 triplets, and cost me 3 physics which I needed, for my 55 point mission which had dilemmas I would have sailed through at that point, probably cost me the game there but it still would have been really close with him needing to do all 4 of his planets. Over all a great game and I was happy to see Jeremy win, as he is a great Trek player and we go way back to previous worlds in the Decipher days.