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Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh)
Tournament Report - 1E Sealed - Worlds Side Event
2011-08-04 - 07:00 PM
OTSD FUN yay. best product and format ever for 1e. as always a tone of fun and a few nice pulls and some luck made for a godo day for me.

Round 1Mike HarringtonFW (+30)
close game, I had the tipple treaty seeded so no stealing for me, fast red shirting starting turn 1 allowed me to pull out a win in a close game.

Round 2Mark BillingsleyFW (+100)
Swapped around to FED/Klingon but my opponents mass of Rom only missions, meant no stealing yet again, however his astonishing lack of geology or Physics meant his easy mission to get his Horgan never got solved and i gut a lucky win 100-0.

Round 3Greg AsherFW (+100)
Stole a mission turn 3 that had my guns and fem dilemmas under it, followed closely by the duped fever emergency that had only my dilemmas under it, then because it;s fun i built up flew across 6 missions and stole one more mission for the win :)