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Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2012-08-16 - 01:00 PM
KlingonDS9-EarthAchievements 3.0
Playing one of my 2 2e decks i had with me both are built for achevmetns over any thing else, I'm still learnign the deck my 2e achevment master desinged for me it was fun games, and people loved the phenix tech.

Round 1TNGMichael MoskopFL (-35)View opponent's Report
Cadets, i;ve sene themin the past they are fast and anoying, fast is bad for this deck i take tiem to build up my expensive peopls. betwene him giving me 10 points from his enterprise and my own bonus points I had solved 1 mission fro 65 points and was buildign up soem dillemas under a second. my totaly accidental but realyl efective early game capture of JLP, staled his bonus points and forced him in to a 3 mission game givign me the time to make the game as clsoe as it was.

Round 2DominionNicholas YankovecFW (+1)
the Jem'hadar were out fast The phenex gettign out to peace treay saved me stallign him at 100 points with 3 missions compleeted it also helped that he went at oen misison with 5 under with 6 people and i top decked the only 1 cost dillema in my pile to stall him fro another turn.

Round 3Nicholas OlayaFL (-100)
Klingon weeni speed deck + my bad draw = i never even got going and the game was over.

Closing Thoughts
1w 2l with a deck that earend me like 8 player achevments, and i had fun a good tournament in my books. Deck needs to add a security drills to use up those extra crappy fed ships that are there for achevments pourposes and maby help with dilemmas.