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Kenneth Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh)
Tournament Report - 1E - North American Continental
2013-08-17 - 02:00 AM
FerengiOTF - TNG FMO Solver... NACC version
So I had a few decks I was trying to get in to shape that were totaly new, but alas they were not comming together also I was expecting a lot of borg so wanted good Borg defense. I Had a couple of my tried and tested decks with me, I chose Ferengi because they have the BEST Anti-Borg teck, and I was very familar with the deck which I needed after the previous nights beermister shenegins. Note: to self 3 round as planed were fine but run if their is a decision for a 4th round.

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)
Thank-Q for Earned Bye's more time to recover.

Round 2JoeFW (+93)
I'll be honest I don't rember much of this game, I forgot to take notes and I may have still been a little intoxicated, it didn;t yet feel like a hangover that started during round 3 on ward.

Round 3BorgAlexander SchmitzFW (+100)
BORG, good in thory i was prepared fro borg EXCEPT he totaly fooled me so I wasent seeded well I though I had fed speed solver comming insted it was SFC, with ship elimination to stat off. Well i still had k defenses unfortunutly he got ready to eliminate ships faster then I anticipaed so i had to STP bonce a ship to hand before I could use it to trigger the dubble DL with FCO, I got one of the anti Borg equipment and started hammering away at his Dilemma's. Where after he lost one eliminate starship TP bonce and the second was now hiding at my home world and would not venture out with out Ablative Armor, Alexander went to start working on earth, Luky for me he was worried about GOD and was attempting cautiously movign the ship away as my dilemma's are mostly not good agaisnt Borg onyl a few will stall them, this cost him some time. I was abel to use Ferengi power to bust through his dilemma's that threw me for a loop becuase though he was runnign Borg with Dyson Door he was runnign very difrent dilemmas to the more noraml Borg stall, godo fro him becuase i'm built ot pass the normal stall with this deck, and he help me of fat least an extra turn or 2 becuase of it. But the Ferngi speed once protected from The Borg wera able to win out the Day before he was able to SFC, Earth was clear AHW was scouotign compleat so it could have stated going very bad for me had the game run another couple turns.

Round 4David BowlingFW (+70)
More Borg, and a interestign take on the 12 space deck 10 space + klingon homeworld, Figuring he was doing a HP10 then AHW for a 2 objective win, I gave up on stoping the HP10 and put every unique dilemma I had at Qo'nos. Then useign all the tricks I could manage useing TMW to get a ferengi to the merk Raider on turn one and movign the D'Kora right away, I was able to beging of turn two pop the FCO fro the dubble DL and get TI/Ablative to kepe me purty safe from the Borg. David went off to the far end fo the space line well away from my ability to shoot at him and to compleatly clear space missions, I had seeded my duped dilemmas one per at the spaces near where I inteneded to be to try and drive him further away; and i just hammered at my misisons. With some disrupter overload also staling him and i belive a handshake that discarded something important i had soem time to work and travel between my misisons, I ended up needing to do 3 misisons due to point loss and needing to pass a dead end, but had the time.

Round 5Chris CastagnettoFL (-89)
SO this was a bit of a mirror match both FMO decks however wheer i ran MR adn SD crew he ran only SD crew, to augment his ferngi. My deck is based on solvign and heavly focused to pass dilemmas, his was more battle orentated with a bunch of TI lock out tricks for planets, and Rule based point loss, he went first this game. We had dupped 2 missions Ferenginar and Host. the space line was ugly for me missions commign out in a horrable order. I was building up sicne i planned to do Host for my first solve, and knew he was unlikly to pass the ferngi BUG at it but that i could, so wanted to be ready to ponce if he tryed it when there were only a few dilemmas left. He poked at a few misisons I went for Host first setting up a HUGE crew that was good for just about any thing this was a little stupid of me I really should have kept a second solver crew aside, also not putting all my astrophisics in one half of the arsenel divided would have saved me, I failed a cloud and after a few tricks to get him self bakc in range he was able to solve it fro a huge swing, whiel i still had to wait for the cloud to end, that pritty much was the game there. To try and catch up I then had to just try huge supper crews to get misisons fast before he was abel to solve any two misisons for a win, as my only 14 dilemmas would nto hold him off to long. while I did solve some In the proccess i lost poitns to 2 huge THTF hits 19 and 20 each, time was called during his turn and he then had tiem to work on one last misson adn get the full win.

Closing Thoughts
FINAL Confrentation: I had to play Chris again this tiem the space lien was Excelent for me, adn not as bad fro him as the last one was fro me but still sub optimal. I also mixed it up moving my VSoG away from RABS, I had the first turn, and having drawn in to a NA leader, decided to take all the advantage I could FTP's are nto a safe place for misison specilits when NA armed with ferengi guns show up. this gave me a nic epersonal edge added to by the fact i was running 1 mroe free play a turn them him. We both built up playing a bit of a chess game, isen't it 'Alwasy a Chess Game' ;) he went out and was doing a 4 man read shirt moving his ship aways, (I asume for fear of GOD), this set it up for me to coem out and beat up soem stopped ferengi with NA again and havign had mr 10 base STR join the team i was able to kill two, I tryed a ship battly my ablative makign me safe btu i drew fail tactic and was unabel to hit him either. later that ship woudl suffer some damage because of that. on teh same turn as all the battling fun i also went over to my planet with the VSoG and attempted and asfter the Kurdon DL it was a clear and solve for 35 + 15 later from VSoG to put me ahead. My merk ship lost a fight with a pair of Dekora's on Chris' next turn but no hands were lost though it had dubbel Quantims on it which was goign to need to be repaired before i coudl be ready to try and solve host for 50 and the win. I chained my merk ship back to teh outpost to start repairing and basicly waited fro Chris to make the next move. Once the Merk was repaired i carfulyl set up two crews with teh options to have a MS in each and havign carfulyl not cycled my discard yet so there was scientists in it I attempted and cleared SD as expected his SCOW + mission debrefing stoped the first crew on the MERK vessle, but the Kordon with it;s tractor beam shuffled the Scow to RABS, passed my last dilemmas and solved HOWEVER carfully laid plans were torn asunder becuase the first crew has hti a THTF and lost me 12 points i was sittign on 88 point after Galen was RFG fro point, (didn;t want to play him any way due to Daimon Bok). I waited another turn then cleared Kessar down to a Friendly Fire, I was well ahead it woudl be VERY hard fro Chris' deck to get through enough of mu dilemmas in 2 turns I coudl just wiat out the count down and win when Friendly went away.. however time was called before then and ITZ already on teh tabel thanks to my deck havign bene empty for a coupel of turns and a lto of ref downloads happening. garentyed my win as at 88-5 there was no way fro Chris to get above 55 points, one mroe turn fro me and it was a FW, also he tryed hard, btu there was no way in his last turn he was goign to get to 100 even had there been no ITZ. VICTORY, and a nice feather in the Cap, Of allteh events I have won over the years in my STCCG life I had had yet to take a Continetals so that was very nice. Closing Thoughts: This wa sa very fun deck t play it's a nice fast solver that can compeat with speed solvers and has the defenses to try and hold off big battle or BORG especaly BORG, out of 30 decks at NACC i believe 9 were BORG, and soem fo them did VERY well, Kurtis C. was 3rd with his David B. was 5th, Alexander S. was some where halfway decent with his. Borg are oen thign you MUST factor in at any big event have a plan to cope with them or they will cope with you! 12 space Borg is anoying but I find havign regular missions so they have the option to go sover is stronger, the top 2 borg decks Kurtis had 6 misisons and David had the oen real mission and a solid plan. Also watch out for those Klingons, there were several and they appear to have places quite well as well. All in all a Good day though it might have been nicer if the building had ever stopped spinning, next time no 4 round beermister the night before a big 1e event.