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Ben Dillon (Broshak)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - Kazon Collective Regional
2012-06-03 - 11:00 AM
Klingon1E Regional #2 2012
A very enjoyable tournament held with some great guys. I'd love to attend more tournaments down in NSW.

Round 1FederationGarry DillonFW (0)
Wake up at 5:30 am, take off at 7:00am, land in Sydney at 8:20am, tournament starts 11:00am, and I'm paired first with my father. A slow start for me with poor dilemma placement. Lucky for me Garry made the mistake of solving 3 planet missions for 100 points and forgetting he needed a space. FW 100-100.

Round 2Ferengi SmileyFL (-30)
Was hoping this game would come early to try nuliffy any randomness added by boosters. Unluckily Mike pulled Ferengi Military Operations after the first game, giving an extra personnel per turn. I made the mistake of forgetting my self seeded dilemmas; and put myself behind the 8 ball when I failed my first attempt to my own dilemma. Mike pulled ahead from there with some smart attempting and got the win. FL 65-100.

Round 3FederationSteve HartmannFW (+40)View opponent's Report
My brother and I had been testing the TNG started decks we were going to be given for this tournament for the past week and came to the conclusion Federation were noticeably weaker than Klingon or Ferengi. Steve got a solid lead on me, solving 2 missions before my first. But I was aware of the lack of valid officers for Maglock in his deck, and was able to lock him out of his closest space mission. During the time this bought me I was able to complete 3 missions for the win. FW 100-65.

Round 4FerengiGreg DillonFW (+35)
My brother and I could probably have just called this game after I won the coin toss, because that is really the only difference here. We went person for person, attempt for attempt, mission for mission, but I had the first turn which gave me the win by 1 turn. FW 100-65.

Round 5KlingonClayton WaltonFW (+65)
This was the first time I had met Clayton, and he was unlucky to be paired with me in the final round. Both playing Klingon we had 5 missions duplicated. This lead to some long dilemma clears. But after towing my own Radioactive Garbage Scow to his outpost he was forced to wait to draw into a ship. At this point I had solved one mission and cleared dilemmas under another, only to have Clayton fly over and steal the second mission. This gave me the opportunity to destroy his ship and strand him on the planet he stole from me. From there I was playing solo. FW 100-35.