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Ben Dillon (Broshak)
Tournament Report - 2E Infinite Diversity Draft - Briar Patch Regional
2012-05-27 - 12:00 AM
KlingonTNG2012 Briar Patch Reigional

Round 1TNGNon-AlignedGarry DillonFW (+70)
First game fo the tournament versus my father. Seeing a single HQ gave me some confidence as I already had a general idea of the personnel he would be using. Was able to start attempting first at Surgery Under Fire. Meenwhile my dilemmas were able to keep him from completing his first space mission, Military Exercises, with Honorable Pursuit and Code 47 keeping his Leaders stopped. I was able to move on and complete Clash at Chin'toka before conceding any points for a 70-0 win.

Round 2RomulanGreg DillonFW (+70)
My brother was also playing a single HQ deck, this time with Romulus. After seeing very few Romulans during the draft I had little idea what he ended up with. We headed for our first missions at the same point but some lucky random selections resulting in the death of Donatra allowed me to get the first mission. Soon after I drew into Quarantine which allowed me to avoid placing any more dilemmas beneath his missions while I finished Clash again for the win, 70-0.

Round 3FerengiMike GarveyFW (+65)
Again a new HQ against me in the final game, Ferengi this time. I had absolutely no idea what people he had drafted or what sort dilemmas would be useful, but in the end it didn't matter. Mike used his first turn download to grab a ship and by turn 3 was moving off to attempt his space mission with 5 people on a NA ship. After giving him "The Clown: Go Away" he hit "The First Duty" and I got lucky killing his only NA personnel. The rest of the game Mike was forced to draw through for another ship while I moved through my missions. 70-5.