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Ben Dillon (Broshak)
Tournament Report - 1E - Australian Continental
2012-06-29 - 03:00 PM
Firstly I'd like to thank all the Sydney guys, who don't often get a chance to play first edition, for turning out. Secondly thanks to the Perth guys for making the trip out for the week. Lastly thanks again to Matthyas for the amazing effort and dedication he puts in to run the week of Trek. I had a great time all week.

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)
After earning a bye at my home regional I was able to sit around and talk myself into a nervous panic. I wasn't at all confident in my deck or my ability to play it, as simple as it is, properly. After finding out some of the first round results I was even more worried going into my first game of the day.

Round 2Michael DillonFW (-50)
My first game of the day ended up being against my youngest brother. It turned out to be one of the tougher games of the day. He was playing a similar deck to mine. After some early morning practice and revision aided by my other brother his deck was playing pretty well. I was able to go first and force him to pop his Q the Ref on a General Quaters allowing for some first turn redshirting. This opened up one of his weaker dilemma combos. His setup and first turn didn't allow for a ship on the first turn so he didn't do much. Second turn I forced Q the Ref into a Villagers with Torches allowing for a 55 point solve of my first mission with mission specialists. Michael got a ship and started working his way through his space mission getting through the bulk of the dilemmas in the first go. He was able to solve on his third turn but as I was almost through my space mission he threw everything at a planet only to get hit by The Clown: Guillotine. I solved space the next turn for the win. Full win 100-50.

Round 3KlingonGreg DillonFW (+100)
I was pretty confident going into this game as we both knew exactly what each other was playing before hand. Equipment Replicator to grab a Plasmadyne Relay onto my seeded Husnock ship every turn forced Greg to go after me with his Pagh/FMO bonus point scoring early. He wasn't able to get me before I started clearing dilemmas with too much defense on my ship and he fell behind in a straight race to 100. Full win 100-0.

Round 4FederationSteve HartmannFW (+65)View opponent's Report
The Sydney guys generally play 2e so I had no idea what to expect going into this game. Steve had already won three straight, two of those 100 to zip. He wasn't prepared for my strategy of throwing expendable mission specialists at his dilemmas and I was able to get out to a 50-0 lead after my first mission. His unfamiliarity with first edition dilemmas set him back as he struggled through my dilemmas. He was able to get his planet mission done for 35 despite hitting my Guillotine combo and having 75% of his personnel stopped for 2 turns. My second mission took me longer than expected but my dilemmas bought me enough time to win. This was probably the closest of my games, despite the scoreline, I was extremely worried towords the end. A really fun game, full credit to Steve. Full win 100-35.

Round 5Dominion SmileyFW (+50)
Mike beat me last year and I was hoping for some revenge. He was again playing his favoured Dominion using a similar strategy as mine to throw expendables at dilemmas. He was slowed down quite alot at his first mission allowing me to get through my first mission for 50 points and almost through the dilemmas at a second before his first solve. This forced him into some dramatic action and he went for his second and only other mission in the Gamma Quadrant. He solved same turn only to have In the Zone ruin his good work. After hitting the Bajoran Wormhole to chase a space mission I finished my second mission for the win. Full win 100-50.

Round 6Daniel HydeFW (+100)
In the last game of the day I again had no idea what to expect playing Daniel. I don't know how often the Perth guys get to play 1e but Daniel was playing a TNG fed deck that looked pretty solid. It was late and I made a colossal mistake that would have easily cost me the game if not for some extreme luck on my part. Daniel drew into almost all of his ships early in the game which slowed his deck down considerably. After losing my seeded husnock ship to a V'Ger and pulling out the Pagh to finish off my space mission I left it undocked and decloacked within range of Daniel's outpost. After playing Admiral Riker and downloading his third Enterprise, C/D/Future, he was starting to form an attack party to go after my Pagh with all my personnel aboard. Luckily for me he was one command star off staffing his Ent D and Future, pushing him into trying to catch me with missions. He hit Access Denied and Ferengi Ingenuity slowing him down while I finished my second mission for the win. Extremely lucky Full win 100-0.