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Ben Dillon (Broshak)
Tournament Report - 2E - Briar Patch Regional
2013-04-21 - 11:30 AM
KlingonKlingon Regional
Klingon and Borg are stupid.

Round 1DS9-EarthMike GarveyFW (+60)
K'tal into Guidance into K'mtar into No-Win situations bought me an endless amount of time to do my missions. Speed of cadets probably only thing that came close to beating this deck.

Round 2TOSKierenFW (+30)
K'tal into Guidance into K'mtar into No-Win sits slowed him down long enough for me to draw into any people I needed. Worf forced me to solve 3 40+ missions for a win and still only conceded 1 mission against ToS.

Round 3BajoranSteve HartmannMW (+25)View opponent's Report
Same download chain into No-Win sits bogged the Bajorans down at first mission. Couldn't catch up from there.

Round 4BorgCraig GiblettML (-15)
Timed game. Not particularly fond of hitting the time limit at all. Not knowing how Bridge Officers Test works lost me the game. Even with chain 2 of 9 there is just too many events to kill.

Round 5BorgGreg DillonFW (+90)View opponent's Report
Pretty much same matchup as previous game. Plus side was that my brother and I never go to time. Whole downlaod chain worked perfectly, Klingon Tea and Standard Orbit just ruined his ability to get anything he needed out while I just rolled through missions.

Closing Thoughts
I'm not great at 2E but I can't see how anything can compete with this no cost download chaining. I'd rather play something else, but I'd also like to be able to win.