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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 2E - Qo'noS Regional
2019-04-13 - 12:00 PM
So I started the week with no idea what to play and only a Khan deck in working order. While I love those silly genetic supermen I wanted to play something new, so I found Sascha relitivity deck. It seemed small and clean. In a few test runs I got gomtu stuck in the GQ so I added a Torres to the deck (which saved my bacon at least once)

Round 1DS9John Paul VeaseyFW (+65)
Deck went fast in all three rounds. JPV was able to breeze through the first mission because my adopted authority hit Leeta. She was the one pick that both put the dilemma under and allowed him to solve. After that I was able to do a lot of stopping while putting little under. On my side, he similarly lets me through space on the first go. After that micro teams make short work of the planets. Although an insurrection makes the last planet a bit slower (needing 6 instead of 4)

Round 2AndrewFW (+100)
Andrew's TOS feds are simply unable to keep up on the speed. I am able to tripple team plannets by the time I get to them, so it makes fast work (it helps that I kirked his timescape)

Round 3VoyagerRelativityHell's HeartRoss FertelFW (+100)
Ross Is also piloting relativity. I am out and going fast again. Torres gets damage dillemas out of the way a few times. And Micro teams prove to be too much.

Closing Thoughts
A wicked fast deck.