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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 2E
2019-07-06 - 02:00 PM
StarfleetHumans Only
Decided to play some more racist Starfleet. I combined cards from John's deck and Greg's deck

Round 1TNGNicholas PrawdzikFW (+95)
Nick is playing TNG weenies. SO he is in the region. This lets me do some damage fun and the like. The bouncing no consume is strong

Round 2KlingonAndrewMW (+20)
I draw 7 planet dilemmas (basically everyone in the deck) So he gets through one space. Otherwise, I am able to stop him

Round 3FerengiJoshua SprungFW (+80)
I don't think I ever put a dilemma under. the dilemma strat worked well

Closing Thoughts
I think I could cut a few cards from the deck, but the dilemma strategy is loads of fun

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