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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 2E - Trek Masters
2019-09-09 - 12:00 AM

Round 1Terok NorBenjamin RostokerFW (+95)View opponent's Report
I am able to grind a win past ben who nearly wrecked me with a dreamer

Round 2Sebastian KirsteinFW (+100)
Seppl never shows

Round 3Amber Van BreemenFL (-30)
I cannot read. So I throw an insurection at at 32 cunning mission. otherwise an adopted authority would have done the trick. The one extra turn I would have gotten would have been enough for the win

Round 4sascha kieferFW (+95)
This game I just went to fast

Round 5CardassianMichael Van BreemenFL (-100)
As soon as the missions hit the table, I wanted to sweep. There was almost nothing I could do in this match. I may have slowed him down one turn if I had secret ID'd Garak on the last mission attempt, but by then I honestly didnt care

Closing Thoughts
I have never had a 2E matchup where I just wanted to give up before. Boo to current cardies