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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 1E - British National
2020-11-21 - 02:00 PM
HirogenHailing earth.. earth.. are you there?
So I didnt know what to play, but I have wanted to play revised holos for a while. So I pulled out Kev's Blackhole holos deck.

Round 1FederationGlen "Lofty" ShipleyFW (+100)
I get the blackhole on turn 1. He starts attempting but is thwarted by dillemas long enough for me to get a blade and eat earth. He is now short skill for a lot of what he needs. This lets me use my super holos to solve the missions I needed to win. I solved a 4th just to try to get the second blade which would have left a lonely valiant the only ship in the AQ. Super holos never took more than two turns to clear any specific mission. Yay their wicked good skills. Intersting thinking moment. He attempts earth with two and Genisis downloading Kirk there. Debated do I villagers to kill the two or do I make sure he cannot download gensis before it starts to kill my dead end. I let the flip happen, that gives me more than enough time to eat earth! Also he started testing far missions with his enterprise A. Got Savik to fly the ship right into a blackhole.

Round 2FederationMartin FelberFW (+100)
Martin. I take his outpost off the map on the first suck in I then take his ship and most everyone else out with the secondI I did forget to get my QTR back at one point so he did STP drop, but they promptly found a cytherians and that was a day I have to solve 4 missions because I get my second blade to really ruin his day.

Round 3StarfleetPaddy TyeFW (+100)
We are both bringing the black hole heat We pull all four space first four missions. So that is wild I attempt on turn 2, take the edo probe loss of points but squeak through quantum leap. I then am Left with a med crisis. I use tuvok on his turn and Holo door on my next to get both doctors. I then solve get a blade and send earth with all hands into a black hole. Paddy scoops since all that is on the spaceline is a shuttle pod with a lone hoshi. So I go into the last round with three 100-0 wins. I sent earth into blackholes 3 times. Twice as the first mission in.

Round 4Tony ThrustleFW (+30)
Tony should have won this game. He abandoned an objective with just a dead end on it forgetting that he could just go past it as borg. Q made most of my dilemmas trash. I get lucky and get the one more turn i need to finish the game.

Closing Thoughts
Pulled Earth into a blackhole 3 times. Never was in the right place to suck in the borg