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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event (Subspace Series)
2020-09-14 - 09:00 AM
DominionI am in your ship, killing your peeps
So after watching Niall use this deck in not a worlds I took a look at it. We talk through a few ways to make it more seed efficient. So i thought about bringing it to the bracket

Round 1FerengiNiall MatthewFW (+65)
But lol, we get paired first. I have seen his crazy emp deck and he built the heart of my deck. So I get to the AQ on turn 2. On turn 2 I am killing his bois. He however pulls an amazing play and auto destructs his shuttle while my dudes are stopped. I am able to use cloaking and death to pin him down at his outpost and his EMPs keep me from being able to blow the outpost up with comendeered ships. But with him pinned down I grind through missions for the win A fun game that we both knew as going to be crazy from the first seeded cards.

Round 2Bruce ParrishFW (+100)
I play Bruce. My Kazon are in the DQ on turn three and summarly murder everyone. After I draw out most of my deck I go to slove. This gets lots of jemmies killed but I am able to solve.

Round 3BajoranMichael Van BreemenFW (+42)
Forgetting about homeworld protection, I seeded stupidly inclduing sleeper trap at Bajor (I was thinking Klingon instead of bajoran KCA). So I quickly get a TI on mirror bajor then smoke bomb all of his attempts at Bajor to buy extra turns. in this time I get my first space done and clear a planet down to a med crisis. He then solves bajor then goes to Jerrado. He grabs a TI for protection. I Stone Knives and kill most of his dudes. I then am able to tripple ship the final space mission for the win. Fun play, multiple times I jumped through the bajoran wormhole to the GQ to wormhole to the other side of the spaceline.

Round 4BorgCharlie PlaineFW (+100)View opponent's Report
So this brings us to the championship match. Me vs Charlie. Dominion Vs Borg We start with the fact that 4 of my dilemmas are basically dead draws agaisnt borg... He Quinns my Crew Reassignment which means I need to strike fast. Turn two I am able to get to his ship. This puts him in the place where I can kill at least two a turn (one sword and one battle win) and that will increase quickly with Vicories is Life. So charlie sweeps because I have proven the problem with a hard report cap. If I can kill 3 a turn, charlie will never be able to staff a ship. We might of played it out since lower decks prevented me from killing everyone. but it would have required him to find a way out in the two turns It would have taken to get another sword.

Closing Thoughts
Invasive transporters is a bit too strong. I think we could make it play only and unique and then we are able to bring back ceti eel no questions asked. (maybe make eels battle. )