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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 2E - Online Event
2020-10-03 - 12:00 PM
KlingonDelta Dipholes
I just played DQ Klingons for the achievements. I put together the standard attrition dilemma pile, but only Seppl really faced dilemmas.

Round 1Michael Van BreemenFW (+95)
MVB leaves out a key card from his deck. This buys me a few extra turns for sure. That plus twice topdecking 0 cost dilemmas on a draw zero gives me the space I need for my super classy dipholes to solve

Round 2RelativitySebastian KirsteinFW (+65)
My klingons trick their way to a fast win against seppl. In teh fist space attempt, I use picard to short circuit an intemidation (although he gets ricker as his second pick. I am able to bridge officer the second planet on the next turn. I then put a few under the last mission and solve teh following turn He gets through space on his third attempt as I drew a caretakers guest and otherwise all planet dilemmas. relitivity had all teh bonus skills it needed in the discard pile to zip past.

Round 3TOSJulius MelhardtFW (+100)
Julius is doing Species nonsense. So my guys with double skills really make his day sad. That plus a bridge officers test makes it a day.

Closing Thoughts
This deck is good and fun