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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2021-01-05 - 12:00 AM
Mission specialist plus 3 equipment is a huge jumpstart. I could have had more of key skills in my deck but i forgot to check. Not that It would have made a huge difference until the last game.

Round 1KlingonFederationDaniel MattesonFW (+30)
My jumpstart gives me just enough edge. I do get a needed mission specialist killed, but then I am able to re-up those points via dilemma solving (the plauge ship that killed bashir then let an aphasia device kill the entire crew. Then it was just a rebuild til i could run at my last mission

Round 2Greg SaumFW (+90)
So we dupped both of my space missions this game, so that makes me a bit worried. I get Luther sloan out early, this turns out to be clutch because there are security dilemmas everywhere. He hits a lack of prep, but then solves a 20 point mission. So I grind quickly through colony for the varon T I then steal a mission for 45 points. Then I go down to test mission (since i lack the stellar cartogrphy for the other space mission and dont want to clear it for him). The big dilemma there is a dalrok, but the Varon T gives me all the strenght pushing me over the top.

Round 3RomulanMaggie GeppertFW (+70)
The equipment is the hero this round. I am able to clear out colony prep but and another planet down to a chula the dice. I then fajo which gets me to my biology. Solve colony prep. Use the Varon T the beat the dice. I then fly to the lower point space mission. This ended up being weaker seeded, but with mission specialists I am able to get to 100.

Round 4RomulanMichael Van BreemenFL (-100)
Michael gets Static Warp bubble and telepathic alien on the first two. This almost locks me out. He then kinda makes a Jerk move. I acidentlly drop a fajo on the table he names event after admiting he wouldnt have. I scoop because I only have 1 card in my deck to give me a chance to catch up and that is my kevin. I had discard needed mission skills. Also apparently there was no stellar cartography in this deck (despite me having 6 in my pool) so nav hazards would have locked me out of space.