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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2012-04-20 - 12:00 AM

Round 1KlingonStarfleetJFW (+35)
I get out Klingon super crew and slow worked through missions. Lots of stops and some captures. But general a good time Finished with picard finishing amnesty talks Consuming evil dilemas did a number on his crew to slow him down Also a bonus congrats to J and his Family

Round 2FerengiMarkFW (+35)View opponent's Report
I forget about god Get a whole sip destroyed including gowron. But what I had left I systematically pushed through missions But not without him using a hoard of ferengi (plus spock) to push through two planet missions I also hit him with a 5 turn linguistic ledgerman which slowed him down quite a bit.

Round 3KlingonDanny NuttallFL (-95)
For the third game in a row, my metphasic ie ideal outpost is at the end I clear out metaphasic and then he steales it (im not thinking He runs though two other missions fairly quickly

Round 4KlingonMatt KirkFL (-65)
He gets the He pushes through aquire surplus ships pretty quick Then uses battle and dilemas to pick off a good chunk of my crew Armus in space works well for me When I could have gone and solved seize freighter a mission I miscounted what was under another mission attempted it first and got5 stoped because I thought was done So he wins based on me not being aggressive enough