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Jon Carter (pfti)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2015-03-01 - 12:00 AM
KlingonSto'Vo'Kor Bound Klingons! -- Stolen from Ryan Sutton
So After getting shot at to frustration in my last few tournaments, I decided to ditch the speed solver and instead just shoot to Kill. In the midst of busy life, I decided to try Ryan's masters block deck. It was fun and nasty.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
I late drop from the tournament gave me the early VP (if not an actual win)

Round 2KlingonKris SonstebyFW (+40)View opponent's Report
Kris wins the toss The space line is messsy, we dupe two space missions (both of mine) and the only other is scientific dip, which is smack in the middle of the table. We also share a great hall. Kris starts by speeding through his unduped planets, on the far end of the spaceline out of the reach of my slowly emerging fleet. So I get through two planets quickly as well. this leaves space. with the two shared missions heavily seeded and at my end of the space line he was likely to go to scientific dip. It got worse for Kris, when a lucky spider bite kept him from mission specialist points. This ensured he needed the 40 and left me in the lead if we went to time. His cloacking devices and outposts protect his fleet, but the whale probe at the base of scientific dip lets me steal it for the win.

Round 3BajoranFederationMichael Van BreemenFW (+30)
This game came down to pure luck for me to get the win. Cloaking and better range lets MVB get to the GQ and quickly solve two planets. I get to remove five with a fractured time, but it is mostly his grunts. He then comes back to space in the AQ to solve for the win. However, It comes down to an arsenal pull. on his defiant that had been damaged. I pick lucky and my three vipers hits and wipes out everything he has in play. leaving the game mearly a matter of me solving. Afterwards I find out if I had chose the otherway not only could he have passed the vipers but also he would have blown through my chula the dice lesson, always put one of the auto stops in space so the fleet can do its work.

Round 4BajoranDominionDaniel MattesonFW (+100)
I end with Dan Matt he is playing domminion block. The trouble they have is weak facilities and ships (outside the great link). This leaves him fleeing as I have three ships in teh GQ by turn 4. His first attempt at space hits a vipers (after a war games). This lead makes him worry as I am starting to eliminate facilities. He hides for a while docked at the DS9 I commendered on turn one. Martok Nor! So he takes a last ditch effort to go solve. he is stopped by a cardasian prodcessing. I trash the ship and he concedes As I can now move unaposed

Closing Thoughts
I was worried the deck drew slow, but it didnt really matter. Its ability to brong instant harrasment more than ofset any other ellement. Nice deck ryan! thanks for the win.