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Brian Gondek (Escape Artist)
Tournament Report - Tr
2015-06-28 - 12:00 PM
I always enjoy playing Tribbles, and although I only play once in a blue moon, it's the easiest game to pick up again quickly. I borrowed Maggie's deck, which relied heavily on 10 Advance instead of 1 and had no Clone cards in it.

Round 1 ()
Round 1 lasted an eternity. Everyone else said it was the longest round they've ever played. Many players got down to one card, but no one could finish it off.

Round 2 ()
Round 2 was much quicker, and I was the one to go out. Not too high of a score, but it was nice to pick up the pace.

Round 3 ()
This deck can't open off a round! Also, I had terrible luck with Utilize today, getting 1 almost all of the time I used it.

Round 4 ()
Another quick round, with another player winning it.

Round 5 ()
We hit time when I had only one card in my hand, a 10 Advance. It wouldn't have mattered, though, because my score pile was only about 11K.

Closing Thoughts
Tribbles is always fun. I really need to make my own deck for it for once.