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Daniel Matteson (OKCoyote)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2012-04-20 - 12:00 AM
FederationThe Legend of Mendoza
Hooray for my first tournament. This was awhile back so I don't remember specifics but I'm trying to get all my reports done for completeness. I played a Federation block deck that was going for speed with extra free reports due to Finest Crew in the Fleet as well as Office of the President and Scientific Diplomacy. Didn't quite work as the deck was far too large and I got stuck with too many cards that didn't play for free. But hey, it was my first tournament and first attempt at a tournament deck.

Round 1KlingonDanny NuttallFL (-95)
Federation is not strong against Klingons in block. Danny was able to get a small army of ships to hover around my outpost, thwarting any attempts for me to leave. I had two copies of Ablative Armor in my deck, my best defense against battle strategies, but never drew it.

Round 2Chris MorseFW (+100)
Chris was playing another Federation deck, but this one didn't use Finest Crew, and had a bit of a twist - the idea was to use Continuing Mission and Attention All Hands to get most of his personnel out, then switch to a Federation Flagship strategy, playing the Akira and Suzanne Dumont and using them to Protect Historic Encounter on Earth. He never got that far, as I outraced him on mission solving by using my extra free plays to my advantage.

Round 3KlingonMilesStuntDoubleFL (-100)
Another Klingon opponent, who also stymied my dilemma strategy by playing six planets. He too had me well confined to my outpost and once again I could not draw Ablative Armor. The game got disconnected at some point and we lost a couple turns, but I instead conceded the game, as MSD had already solved a couple of missions and was well on his way to cleaning up.

Round 4FederationTorbj√∂rn LindquistFW (+65)
I'm afraid I don't remember much about this game except that Linkan was also playing Federation. I seem to do all right in mirror matches.