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Daniel Matteson (OKCoyote)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2013-08-16 - 06:00 PM
RomulanTwo-Mission Sealed Win?
I ought to write more tournament reports. This one is easy since I only played one match. This was 2E Sealed, so I got a random starter (I drew Romulan) and some Premiere boosters. Interestingly, in the packs I pulled both 50 points missions from Premiere (Hunt for DNA Program and Pegasus Search) so I decided to try for a two-mission win deck, putting them both in to see if it would work. I decided I'd just attempt with nine every turn until I got through on sheer attrition.

Round 1Mark St. RomainFW (+65)
Mark was one of the four new players in this event. Took my time with this game because I was also teaching him to play, but he enjoyed learning. In the end I got my two missions done.

Round 2Missed GameMG (0)
After the first round one player dropped. Since I was TD, I decided to drop as well so there wouldn't be a bye.

Round 3Missed GameMG (0)
Paced around the event watching the new players.

Closing Thoughts
Even though I only played one game, I really enjoyed this event and watching the new players learn. We showered them with sealed product and prizes after the event and I think it really made their day. I hope they continue playing and maybe I'll even see them again next year at GenCon.