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Justin Kaufman (CrimsonRavage)
Tournament Report - 2E
2016-02-13 - 10:30 AM
StarfleetNo Death Fleet
I decided to bring out Delphic Starfleet to grab the 5x Starfleet achievement.

Round 1CardassianKris SonstebyFL (-25)View opponent's Report
I was able to get Damaged Archer out early which helped me get out to a lead. Kris was able to come back thanks to Central Command which helped him pull out the win.

Round 2RelativityJeremy BenedictFL (-70)View opponent's Report
Jeremy was able to get a space mission solved to prevent me from scoring my bonus points from my HQ. I had a chance to extend the game further, but I pulled the wrong dilemma with the Vault of Tomorrow.

Round 3BorgBarry WindschitlFL (-55)View opponent's Report
I started out a bit too cautiously against Barry which got my non Enterprise ship destaffed. I was able to use my Grav Traps to slow down some of the assimilation tactics, but I couldn't catch up after the slow start.

Closing Thoughts
Even though I didn't get a win, I was in every game. This was a good day.