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Pat Bortz (bortz65)
Tournament Report - 2E - Qo'noS Regional
2018-04-22 - 01:00 PM
RomulanRomulans in the FRANXX 4-2018
Basic Romulan deck reworked slightly from an Excelsior deck with a Kill pile.

Round 1TOSJohn WalchleMW (-15)View opponent's Report
Vs John, OS Feds: Got a late start since I couldn't get a ship. Ended up just using a turn to draw cards to get to a ship. Had so many cards in hand I had to toss 2 Uninviteds (which would have been useful later)and a few Personnel at the end of turn. My Dilemmas Kill a lot of his personnel. One interesting meta play had me use the Casualties Dilemma to kill the same personnel pictured on the card (Angela Martine.) Soul Searching got someone useful and he gave me 5 points to get them back. Time was called during my turn. Time was eaten up by some rules questions. Couldn't use Bridge Officer's Test since Lore wasn't stopped and Casualties was my choice when tied, etc. Managed to prevent the solve on his last mission. Giving me a Modified Win 75 to 60.

Round 2TOSJohn Paul VeaseyFL (-30)
Vs John, OS Feds: Pretty similar deck to the fist game, but here filled with Klingon Missions like Commandeer Prototype. Thought I had him without enough Anthropology to get by Tsiolkovsky Infection, so I just threw that, but didn't realize Jadzia Dax gained Anthropology. Oops, free Mission. . . and download of the Phoenix. Couldn't get ahead. He's using a Kill pile too and takes out Lore and Data in one attempt. I get a Personnel with Soul Searching, but he lets him stay there, so no extra points to get around the Phoenix. Couldn't pull ahead. Full Loss 75 to 100.

Round 3DominionDerek MarlarFW (+100)View opponent's Report
Vs Derek, Dominion. Oh man, I felt bad about this game. Derek never drew a command star Personnel he needed to staff his ship: the whole game. He could only sit at his headquarters while I did Missions. Full Win 100 to 0.

Closing Thoughts
No card really stands out as a MVP, although A Royal Hunt did keep recirculating rather usefully and Rasul kept my ships with an enhanced Range. Once again Bridge Officer's Test does me no good. Every time I use it in a deck it fails me. It's the Admiral Ozzel of Interrupts.