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Fergus O'Shea (Thanatos_elNyx)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - European Continentals Day Two
2008-07-27 - 09:00 AM
RomulanEC 2008 - Day 2: Romulans
I decided to run a different deck Day 2 than my Borg Mission solver that had got me good on Day 1. I was surprised that few other people did the same. I was hoping to catch a few people by surprise with a battle deck, but if not I was prepared to go for missions.

Round 1DominionUnjustly BannedFW (0)
Unlucky for me, I was forced to discard a Prometheus early on which totally gave the game away. James started with his Planet missions, but I had prepared my Dilemma Pile for such an occurance with plenty of Necessary Excecution and Neural Parasites. I was able to hold him there for most of the first game. I simply went about my missions as normal while he suffered on Strange New Worlds. In the second game, things didn't go right for me at all and James won. In the 3rd game I was ahead again. I blew up a Defiant as an after thought which left him stranded for a while but he waqs still able to do the mission with everyone on the Planet. I was up and we were called for time so James conceded.

Round 2BajoranSebastian KirsteinFL (0)
Noone really plays Bajorans in Ireland so I had no idea what their latest shenanigans were like. And now I am sorry I know. My turns were simple, play 7 counters worth of personnel, his were spend 10 minutes filling his discard pile and then resurrenting the right people with Kira. I gave a go of it the first game, but in the second game I didn't bother. I just took my turns and then switched off and waited until it was my futile gesture phase. No offense Sebastian but it was a total NPE. BtB should be errataed.

Round 3Missed GameMG (0)

Round 4Missed GameMG (0)