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Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event (Subspace Series)
2020-09-14 - 09:00 AM
BorgJeremy Huth is Very Smart
This was a fun tournament, and a good chance for me to play TNG Borg in a non-playtesting environment. I borrowed the deck from Jeremy Huth (9 of 24) and played it as he built it.

Round 1VidiianMaggie GeppertFW (+100)
Maggie was playing Vidiians, mostly for the achievements I believe. She played and drew a lot of cards, but my Borg were quick and were able to steamroll some missions, in spite of my inexperience with them. Plus, Maggie is fun to play. I believe we recorded the game, so you can find it on the CC's YouTube channel.

Round 2Stuart MarshFW (+100)
Unfortunately, Stuart had to drop so I didn't get to play this game.

Round 3Stephen HenselFW (+75)
Stephen was also playing Borg, albeit the more traditional variety. We had a fun experience with Defrosted Menace - he assimilated my drone when I failed it, but then I assimilated him right back on his turn, then he took him back, and so forth until the end of the countdown. His deck was good, but mine was just a little bit faster with same turn Adapts that I was able to eek out a win.

Round 4DominionJon CarterFL (-100)View opponent's Report
Well, I never expected to be here! Unfortunately, Jon was able to lock me out of the game on his 2nd turn before I'd had a second turn. His ability to kill three people a turn and my limit to only playing three people a turn means he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted, so I conceded.